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In just 1 bag of Hop, your soil receives the nutrients of 7.6 bags of standard compost.

for organic

Hop’s recipe is sourced directly from select food merchants, and prepared in batches 98% smaller than the industry standard, in pursuit of ideal ingredient pairings. Our sealed cleantech uses live data on CO2 levels, acidity, and temperature, to tune Hop every 60 seconds as it’s produced. Hop is used simply as a 1” top dressing or ¼ soil blend. But with every detail, it shows our devotion to the health of organic plants.

so healthy
you can eat it
without issue

After my dog Willy was poisoned by fertilizer in the family garden, I saw its danger in growing food.

I founded Hop to create an organic soil nourishment so clean, you can eat it without any issue. The truth is, healthy people, pets, and plants aren't opposed.

Kevin's Signature

Kevin's Signature

Kevin Davies

Hop is available at select retailers in Calgary and Vancouver.

Hop is available at select retailers in Calgary and Vancouver.

the farmer’s favorite

Hop is used by the leading urban and organic farms.

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    “I use compost all the time as a grower. It is a great way to put nutrients back into the soil to replace what we have consumed through the plants. Hop has an extremely high level of bioactivity, the building block of healthy soil.”

    Rod Olson, Leaf & Lyre Urban Farms

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    “Our soil structure is good, but our nutrient levels were down. Hop Compost gives us a superior nutrient base, which the plants can access to grow as large as possible and as healthy and tasty as possible.”

    Paul Hughes, Grow Calgary